Dr. Levine, M.D. Loses Weight Using Crystals

This time, however, Levine has taken her specialty one step further and used a formula she has developed on herself. The results?  Flabbergasting, to say the least.

Dr. Levine has always been known and recognized for harping on how important it is for our health that we maintain a proper, healthful weight. Of course, as we can all attest to, it’s not just health that motivates us to lose weight. It’s our looks, self esteem, energy, sexual desirability, blood pressure, heart and lung function, etc.  You would think (or at least I would!) that a doctor would be the last person on earth to be fat, wouldn’t you?

As Levine put it, “Remember the shoemaker’s children who had holes in their shoes? Well, I’m the diet doc who had a weight problem.  Even though I spent years advising my patients to lose weight, I didn’t have the self control to lose weight myself.”

Dr. Levine explained that ever since she was 12 years old, she had this weight problem and was a “problem dieter”, as she calls it. For 28 years and dozens of different diets and products, she failed to lose weight and keep it off. Amazingly, she says she’s lost over a thousand pounds. The problem, however, was that she also put back on a thousand pounds. Like many people who struggle to lose weight, Levine says almost every weird diet worked for her at first, but then left her heavier, frustrated, and depressed and hating herself for not staying with the program and maintaining her target weight.  Worst of all was the constant guilt.

“Frankly, I was such a pig that I was disgusted with myself. What could I do? I just couldn’t walk away from food”, she said.

Recently, though, Levine was able to shed a whopping 67 pounds using a formula she created herself. “My practice is so busy that I almost never exercise! I love food and I continue to eat my favorites! For someone who has always strived to help others lose weight but couldn’t help herself, it was like heaven on earth when I was finally able to do it myself!” Levine enthused.

According to Dr. Levine, almost any weight-reduction modality (the medical term for method) that requires discipline and strict rule-following is difficult. Cutting calories is the only method with a decent success rate, but it’s really hard to follow the rules. But the ONLY “rule” you have to follow with calorie-control crystals is to sprinkle your food. It’s as easy as using a salt shaker.  The white crystals cut the calories of everything you eat, and cuts them by a big 75 percent. Now here’s the zinger: The black crystals act to minimize fat that is already on your body. This means, then, that with just a few shakes of the CCC shaker you will naturally and automatically lose weight FAST with NO dieting and NO exercise!

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